Meditation is one of the simplest practices we have to improve our mood, happiness, and overall well-being. Mindfulness and presence have become buzzwords over the past few years due to the unsustainable work/life balance that many people find in their lives. Meditation can play a large part in learning to skillfully manage your attention so you can more fully inhabit the present moment.

Each session at Sama will include a discussion of meditation, technique, and proper practice. It will conclude with a guided meditation and a chance to ask questions.The goal of these sessions is to teach you the basics of meditation so you can build a practice of your own. The most important aspect to remember, however, is that you are not practicing to get better at meditation. You are practicing to learn to spontaneously allow states of presence, connection, and gratitude to appear in your life.

Corporate Meditation: If you are interested in bringing meditation into your place of work please email Adam directly at adam@samamassages.com.

About my practice: My meditation practice started in 2012 through books, videos and podcasts. As I continued to practice, however, I realized this was not enough to establish a daily routine. In 2015 I attended a Vipassana meditation retreat. This 10-day silent retreat allowed me the opportunity to completely commit to nothing but meditation for 10 days. I have an article describing this experience in my blog. I was profoundly changed after this retreat and was lucky enough to meet my current teacher only months before. He has kept me practicing and honing my technique ever since. 

Have questions about my technique or how the session will run? I have studied Vipassana, Mindfulness and Transcendental Meditation. My current practice is a blend of all three with a heavy emphasis on the Transcendental aspect. I have been studying meditation since 2012, but became much more serious in 2015. My daily practice is constantly evolving and my current teacher is Dennis Young. You can ask more specific questions by emailing me directly at adam@samamassages.com

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