“Adam’s dedication to his clients’ well being is holistic and contagious. There isn’t a session that goes by where I don’t walk away feeling calm, present, and amazing”
-Tom S.


With yoga becoming widely popular in the past few decades it may be important to ask the question, what is yoga? The physical yoga being taught at Sama is highly individual and will look different to whoever walks in the door. My approach is to use this practice to create balance in the body through stretching and strengthening. Simultaneously we will re-awaken your mind-body connection through awareness of movement. We will work together to gently and methodically open and create space where there was restriction, build strength where there was weakness, and create a single harmonious system. The idea is not to improve your practice of yoga. Instead, it is to increase your perception and understanding of your body and how it moves. This is a very enjoyable process and will leave you feeling connected to your body in a way you may not have felt for years.

Private yoga sessions are a wonderful way to begin to explore both the capabilities and limitations of your body. It may help you heal old injuries and work through restrictions. It may improve your balance and manage low back pain. It may increase your flexibility, deepen physical and mental relaxation, and improve your overall well-being.  You can ask more specific questions or book a session by emailing me directly at adam@samamassages.com

 “If you’re looking for someone who will push your limits while also helping you channel that inner peace, look no further than Adam. “

-Bettina W.

About my practice: I began practicing both yoga and meditation in 2012. My yoga practice started out very athletic and fast paced in vinyasa, heated, and power classes. Over time, my practice has continued to slow down to allow time to feel into the posture and begin to map out my anatomy internally. Although I thoroughly enjoy moving quickly and syncing my breath with my movement, it is much more often I will explore a single pose for 3-5 minutes as I feel out all the connections in the body. I have had the privilege of learning yoga in an ashram in Cali, Colombia, at the Inbound School of Yoga. I have also learned right here in Boston at the Down Under School of Yoga in Brookline. My 500 hours of yoga training is complimented by the 720 hours of training I underwent in Massage Therapy School. The two disciplines constantly inform one another and help me paint a fuller picture of the human anatomy.

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